Brief Roadtrip Guide to Wales

If you aren’t familiar with the main points of visiting Wales, use this quick guide to get you started

Mountains, Lakes, Forests, Sandy Beaches, Pretty Villages. Wales has it all!

Wales is a country on the west border of England, with its own heritage, language & culture. It is a country with less development than other parts of the UK, which is very much part of its strength and charm. With two main regions of mountains, to the south the Brecon Beacons and to the north Snowdonia, and in between huge sandy beaches, vast forests, unique landscapes, history & culture and quaint towns & villages. Wales A mecca for outdoor pursuits, world-class mountain biking, hiking, climbing, sailing, white water rafting and nearly everything else you can think of.

Wales has so much to offer as a destination for a motor home road trip, or part of a road trip adventure around the UK, it’s an absolute must on any UK roadtrip itinerary.

Getting To Wales

The best way to experience Wales is by motor home or camper van. Getting into the area is easy enough thanks to the very good road infrastructure. Depending on which direction you are heading from there is a motorway that delivers you to the area, the only one that sees regular congestion can be the M4 as this is the main route to/from London. Once you are in Wales the story is a little different, there are very few motorways to take you around the country, however the main roads are good enough to easily navigate in a motor home, the roads can become very small at times, so if you are in a large motor home make sure you plan your route.

If you are undertaking a UK road trip from Motorhome Hire Southeasts HQ in the south of England, we recommend choosing a clockwise or anti clockwise route around the entire country. Clockwise would be our recommendation so you can head from Cornwall up the M5 and into south Wales, then work your way up the country eventually leaving from the north on the M56 and heading towards Scotland via the Lake District.

What To Do in Wales

Probably the biggest reason to visit Wales is for it’s outdoor activity opportunities, and this goes hand in hand with experiencing the country in a motor home or camper van. A few activities are huge in Wales, hiking and mountain biking are probably two of the main ones. There are hiking routes all around the country, trails are well laid out and range from a few hours to weeks. Make up your own itinerary or use the vast network of trails to cross the entire country. Wales also has its fair share of surfing spots when the conditions are right. Thanks to the geography there are a few spots where you can experience white water rafting at the right time of year. Rock climbing is a growing sport in the area, there are various spots in the south near the Brecons, and many spots up north. If you have ever wanted to trampoline around a cave network or fly like a bird across a canyon then Wales is for you. As well as the endless opportunity for active pursuits in Wales, the area is often underrated for its towns and villages. While you are traveling from south to north a top 10 of towns & villages we would recommend stopping at along the way are:

  • Beddgelert
  • Tintern
  • Skenfrith
  • Porthgain
  • Little Haven
  • Pembroke
  • Dolgellau
  • Llangollen
  • Aberaeron
  • Aberaeron

The list of things you can do in Wales is endless, if you are traveling the UK by motor home the area really deserves to dedicate lots of time. If you are wanting to explore the area as a UK resident it’s worth multiple trips, and we want you to come back to Motorhome Hire Southeast time and time again for a vehicle to see the country.

The Best of The Best

You can spend weeks crossing Wales, seeing & doing everything it has to offer. Below is a few suggestions of world-class things you can do in Wales.

1. White Water Rafting at The National White Water Centre

Just one of the adrenaline fueled activities you can do when traveling around Wales. The National White Water Centre is located in Snowdonia national park, so you can visit at the top of your clockwise motor home adventure around Wales. The river has 200 days per year of reliable rough water because it is situated down stream from the Llyn Celyn reservoir, which has scheduled releases turning the river into a raging torrent.

If you have your own kayak you can just get in the water and go. If not, then The National White Water Centre has a choice of rafting options to get your adrenaline fill, from 1 hour tasters to half day safaris. There’s no particular requirements to getting involved, you just need to be confident that you are capable to paddle and potentially go for a swim!

2. Underground Trampoline fun at Bounce Below

Now this is one you may not have had on your ‘to do’ list, but now you will! This is an adventure in a disused mine, using nets and trampolines to bounce and slide your way around a cave the size of St.Pauls Cathedral. Located in Snowdonia National Park, you can take in this activity on the second half of your Wales motor home trip.

You can join in the Bounce Below experience if you are 7 years or above. The experience lasts one hour, and it’s best pre booking on-line. The same organisation operates a few other activities in the area, so after experiencing Bounce Below you can try out some of their other offerings.

3. Mountain Biking at Bike Park Wales

If high adrenaline sports is your thing and you love being in the great outdoors, then this is the one for you. Bike Park Wales in the Brecon Beacons is an off-road bike park where you can experience downhill mountain biking.

There a numerous marked trails, starting from fairly mild blue runs so that you can warm up or spend the day trying your hand at the sport, through to professional level trails that will keep you occupied no matter how high you level of riding. If you are traveling in one of our Autoroller motor homes, you may well be carrying your bikes with you on the bike rack provided. If you don’t have you bikes don’t worry, because you can hire top of range mountain bikes from the hub at Bike Park Wales.

4. Snorkelling at Porth Castell, Anglesey

Snorkeling may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Wales, and yes it’s certainly not the Red Sea. However this area in Wales does have its own unique things going for it, so if you are here and have your wetsuit (and you will need a wetsuit!), then why not give it a go.

Anglesey is an island in the far north of Wales, take the road bride to the island with the sight of Snowdonia mountain range behind you. The water will be cold, but if your lucky it may well be quite clear. Swim out just before high tide, and you’ll see an underwater garden of passages and chasms packed with marine life, Dogfish, Wrasse, Crabs, Lobsters and surprisingly colourful underwater flora.

5. Hiking and Photography in Waterfall Country

The hiking opportunities in Wales are nearly endless. One of the more unique experiences is hiking through the area known as Waterfall Country in South Wales. On the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park, the river of Neath passes through the forest and tumbles over a series of waterfalls creating a fairy tale scene perfect creating for slow shutter speed photographs.

There are 25 miles of marked paths around the falls. You can walk through the falls area and out into the hills to the north. Stay overnight in one of the many motor home friendly campsites in the area, then get walking in the morning, if your feeling brave wild camp up the hills and then loop back to the motor home the next day.